The Pandora's Puzzles

In "The Pandora's Puzzles" your team becomes a group of investigators. The goal of the game is
it to expose the plans of the notorious art thief "The Fox". Although he is currently imprisoned, he has built up an enormous crime network, which he coordinates for the burglaries. Each team will receive an iPad, the Pandora Cube and the dossier. With it you can solve the puzzles and decide the data to find out where the fox plans the burglaries. After about half of the game, however, it comes to a turn, because the fox holds a surprise.

App supported gameplay up to 20 teams

Ideal for seminars, further education or as a supporting program

60 - 90 minutes of cooperative riddlespaß

The teams of five can compete in co-op or battle mode


The Eichenbach plot

In our mobile Escape Game "the Eichenbach plot" you slip into the role of a police special unit. Dr. Ralf Eichenbach escaped from the prison in Stammheim and is now on the run. You and your team only have 33 minutes to catch the escapee. You receive various utensils and the belongings of the prisoner from the police. So can you trace Dr. Eichenbach in time before he escapes? Or can you even solve the dark mystery of the murder case that put him behind bars?

The indoor escape game for every location

We come directly to you and look after the entire game

5 teams with max. 6 people at the same time

Whether in several rooms or a hall, 9 sq. m. are enough per set

Shortcut EMP-Koffer

The EMP case

With this mobile escape game you can freely decide which content should be taught. Because our bomb box has a total of 5 mechanisms to be solved. Here, the inputs can be set individually and thus the suitcase can be adapted to any topic. We are happy to sit down with you and work out exciting puzzles to convey your content even more intense. In addition, you can freely determine the game time, so how long should the clock tick?

This makes every event a thriller

together we adapt the puzzles to your wishes

You decide how long the bomb will last

Use it as an active break or as a common element

What else does a mobile escape game offer me?

Directions and delivery

up to 50 km around Stuttgart included

On-site support

through our experienced game masters

Payment on Bill

and only for the final participants

How much does a mobile escape game cost?

from 29 EUR per person

15 EUR for youth groups

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