Escape Rooms

What is an Escape Room?

In an escape room or exit game, you enter a themed scenario with your group of usually 2-8 people. The tasks vary from breakout issues (escape space) to adventurous treasure hunts (real-life adventure) to gripping detective stories (real-life games). As a rule, then you have 60 minutes in the Escape Room to crack codes and trigger mechanisms. In addition, you can find the appropriate information in the elaborately designed environment. These help you to reach the respective goal in the end. The puzzles are then designed as differently as possible, so that each participant in your group can contribute their individual strengths. Because in most cases, a Live Escape Room can not be solved by one person alone.

ENMAZE Escape Rooms Stuttgart

You start the exciting adventure mission with our Exit Games with up to 8 players of your group. Teamwork is required here! Then it's time to find clues, solve puzzles and use impressive mechanisms. There are really unique exit games here. Because our own developed and realized scenarios can only be experienced in Stuttgart. Be enchanted by the love of detail! At an escape room by ENMAZE you dive into other worlds and escape everyday life for an hour.

60 minutes of puzzle fun

a total of 90 minutes stay

various difficulties

for beginners and puzzle pros

unbeatable price

from 23 EUR per person

Der Hut des Wissens

The Hat of Knowledge

2 - 7 participants from 12 years

Go to Wonderland and solve the mystery of the hatter's magic hat.

Difficulty 75%

Puzzle density 85%

Mechanisms 60%

The Sherlock Chronicles

The Sherlock Chronicles

3 - 8 participants from 14 years

An unknown woman was murdered, can you solve the case as Sherlock Holmes once did?

Difficulty 90%

Puzzle density 80%

Mechanisms 40%

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