You are currently planning further education in Stuttgart?

With our various offers, you can make every workshop a unique event. We offer you the opportunity to apply the learned content directly or just relax the event a little and give the participants a fun break.

Communication in the team

is promoted playfully

personal soft skills

apply and develop

goal-oriented work

is required because of the time pressure

Personnel development in Stuttgart

"The development of intelligence needs the game because of the infinite variety of options."
(Max Kobbert, Prof. for Cognitive Psychology)

You are currently organizing a workshop or training for your employees or colleagues and would like to spice up the often drab course of a training event with a little bit of action? Our escape games are the ideal add-on for your event in Stuttgart. In addition to the fun that the individual topics bring with them, important learning content can also be applied directly here.

Workshops and seminars

"You want creative employees? Give them enough time to play."
(John Cleese, Actor and comedian)

As part of the workshop or seminar, an escape game can be a welcome change. Here, the participants can escape from everyday life and face completely different tasks. The various puzzles bring the players to think differently and to further develop their creativity.

Training and conferences

"Man only plays when he is in the fullest sense of the word a human being, and he is only fully a human being when he plays."
(Friedrich von Schiller, Poet and philosopher)

During training and meetings, employees or participants from other regions often come to Stuttgart. Instead of having all participants go directly to the hotel after the first day of the event, our game concepts offer the opportunity to experience a shared adventure, which leads to connections within the group and also to emotionalising the company.

Our recommendation


Mobile Escape Games

3 - 50 people / Duration: 30 - 90 minutes

Our mobile escape games are ideal for in between. They require fast thinking, teamwork and communication, ideal to apply learning content directly and optimize it.

Shortcut mobile Escape Game

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