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Our team building events in Stuttgart strengthen the communication and cohesion of your team! In all our game concepts, the shared experience is always a priority. The game variants are developed so they can't be solved alone. That is why ENMAZE always requires teamwork and communication among the participants. We demand attention of all participants of the team event and make sure that every member of the group can bring their strengths into the group when solving the tasks. Proven in everyday life, this approach improves team productivity and ensures that every member of the team is having fun with it!


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Team building and development in Stuttgart

"We spend our lives waiting for the one extraordinary person, instead of transforming the ordinary people around us." (Hans Urs von Balthasar, Theologian) A well-rehearsed team is more efficient and works together more efficiently. If all the people in a team mesh like gears, even the most difficult tasks can be done in a very short time. And as the saying goes, "practice makes perfect" and this is exactly where ENMAZE offers the right solutions. Both our Escape Rooms and our City Missions require participants to identify, process and resolve a variety of tasks to achieve the goal within the time limit.

Assessment center and recruiting processes

"Good information is hard to come by. It's even harder to start something with them." (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Author)
Assessment centers are available at most major companies nowadays. Accordingly, the candidates are getting better prepared to have the right answer in the right situation. But in an escape room or mobile escape game, everyone has to be prepared for unforeseen eventualities. This shows directly which applicant brings leadership qualities, who has team spirit or has good ideas. At play, every person is as he really is and can not pretend to be. Therefore, we offer your HR department the opportunity to get to know the recruits of their real side and in an environment that is very close to the normal working day. Choosing the right new employee will be much easier.

Use on-boarding events effectively

"Play is the higherst form of research." (Albert Einstein,theoretical physicist) Especially when new task forces are formed or new employees are added to the business, it is important to provide them with the most important information. All should receive the same knowledge and be equally motivated. Through our software it is possible to introduce up to 250 people into processes at the same time and playfully get to know the terrain and possibly also specific contents. More information can be found under the keyword gamification.

Our recommendation

Escape Rooms & Coaching

5 - 10 people / Duration: 3 - 8 hours
With our partner Smoothteam we offer a coaching program, which not only gives all participants a lot of fun, but also sustainably strengthens the communication and coordination and further develops the team.
Shortcut Escape Rooms

Creative teambuilding ideas in Stuttgart by ENMAZE

With our creative ideas we will make sure that your next team building event will be successful! For example, your group at our Escape Rooms can prove that they can solve the tricky puzzles in a collaborative effort within the given time frame. With our mobile escape rooms we come to you and present you our riddles in a familiar atmosphere. It is important for you to know that we can tailor our team building measures to your needs, depending on the requirements! Do you have special wishes? Would you like to organize your team building event in Stuttgart with a particularly large number of people? Then talk to us in advance about the possibilities that we can offer you!

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