You want a custom event?

You have a very special idea of what your next business event should look like and are still looking for the right partner for the implementation? Do you have any special content that you would like to introduce to your employees or customers in a playful way? Then we are the right contact person. With our years of experience in the escape room and outdoor sector, we have the necessary know-how to develop a concept for you that exactly meets your wishes. Additionally, we have a large network of game designers, psychologists and team coaches, which we like to include in the creation of your event.
"Play is the highest expression of human development." (Friedrich Fröbel, Educationalist)

The advantages of gamified concepts - overview


is increased by the game

higher learning success

through active participation

higher commitment

through positive experiences

sixfold return on investment

was statistically proven

better data quality

through direct feedback

optimal target achievement

through individual event design

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." (Benjamin Franklin, american polymath)

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