Your corporate event in Stuttgart

Are you still looking for an exciting and motivating program for your business event in Stuttgart? Then we have some concepts for you on offer that are sure to fit in with your event and bring the desired value.

more motivation

through more commitment

building up trust

through shared experiences

more productivity

through better communication

Company celebrations and incentives

"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."
(Marc Anthony, componist)


A motivated employee is known to be a significantly more efficient employee, because he likes to do the work. Our game concepts help you to strengthen the team spirit. At the same time, you can increase the commitment to your goals and emotionalize your business.

Meetings and contract negotiations

"Capital can be procured, factories can be built, people must be won."
(Hans Christoph von Rohr, Industry manager and politician)


You are about to distribute a new product or to conclude a contract? You already have the right partner in mind and would like to convince them emotionally? With a shared experience in our Escape Rooms you will not only succeed, but also a common adventure welds together. In addition, in this simulated stress situation, you can also directly see how your potential new partner reacts and deals with difficult situations.

Kick-off events and supporting programs

"The only way to motivate people is through communication."
(Lee Iacocca, Entrepreneur and author)


Especially at the beginning of a new project, it is particularly important to properly engage and motivate the people involved in the upcoming project. The project or event can only be a success if the participants communicate with each other and talk about it. Through our Escape Rooms and City Missions, the individuals get into conversation and enjoy a good time together, which is always welcomed and leads to recommendations.

Our recommendation

ENMAZE City Explorer 2

iPad - city rally

6 - 1000 people / duration: 2 - 4 hours
In the various city missions, each group receives an iPad, which leads the team to the beautiful locations of the city center. Various tasks and puzzles have to be worked on here. The participants get to know Stuttgart and each other better.
ENMAZE City Explorer

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