The "Save Christmas" Tour

iPad-Tour for 5 - 250 people

Ideal for the Christmas party with the whole department

2 - 3 hours tour with selectable end

directly connect with dinner

Thermos with mulled wine per team

For replenishment, the tour leads past the Christmas market

Live chat feature for the teams

Ideal for voting and for the motivation of the group

Live GPS view and live highscore

Always know exactly how far the other teams are

Own gallery with souvenir photo feature

For the very special moments after the tour

Are you looking for a special event for this year's Christmas party in Stuttgart? We have just the right thing for you! An exciting Christmas rally right through downtown Stuttgart. The tour will be conducted via iPads and the almost 50 varied tasks can be discovered and controlled. Whether you learn amazing facts about international Christmas customs in entertaining quiz questions, think out of the box with puzzles or take funny photos and videos during tasks as a team - this event will be remembered by all participants for a long time. You can also choose your playing time, start time and end point.

Escape Room Christmas Adventure

4 Escape Rooms for 2 - 28 people

Maximum gaming experience for 4-6 people per room

60 minutes of puzzle fun

Please plan for your stay about 90 minutes

Location right in the center of Stuttgart

Countless restaurants are available in the immediate vicinity

Unique escape room for Christmas

We have specially developed "The Spirits of Christmas"

Joint game start for all rooms

For larger groups, we like to put the start times together

Reception with sparkling wine optionally bookable

for a festive entrance to the Christmas party


You want to stay weather-independent at the Christmas party in Stuttgart? Then our escape rooms are the ideal choice. Our specially reconstructed Christmas room "The Spirits of Christmas" is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit. And if your group is bigger, then of course we can realize this and you can play several rooms at the same time. Through the shared experiences, there is already enough conversation material for the following Christmas party. Of course, we also have tips for you on where you can go to dinner after the Escape Game.

Request your Christmas event with no obligations?

If you want more information about our offers for your Christmas party in Stuttgart, then please fill out the following contact form. Simply choose the desired game variant and the expected date, as it is a non-binding request, the appointment is of course not binding. The same applies to the number of persons and the time. You will then receive an e-mail with further information about the costs, sample tasks and information about the organizational process. Of course, you can also ask other individual questions, which we will then also answer you. We look forward to your request and hope to be part of your Christmas party in Stuttgart.