Shortcut Spy Academy Map

Do you have what it takes to be a secret agent?

At the ENMAZE Spy Academy you complete your basic training as a secret agent. Here you will learn important skills such as IT espionage, dressing up and shooting proofs. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the ENMAZE agent bag, you set out to complete the nearly 50 location-related tasks. Exciting chases, dangerous ransom handovers and tricky brain teasers with varying degrees of difficulty await you here.

over 40 GPS spots in the city center

discover the beautiful places of Stuttgart

varied challenges

Photo, video, augmented reality, puzzles and much more ...

ENMAZE City Explorer

A thrilling scavenger hunt through Stuttgart!

The ENMAZE Spy Academy, our variant of an exciting scavenger hunt, is particularly suitable for large groups of up to 250 people. Form two or more teams and compete against each other. So give your scavenger hunt through Stuttgart a completely new character! Thanks to the live highscore, the different teams can always see directly how many points the others have already scored. Our scavenger hunt is designed in such a way that every member of the team gets involved with the various challenge variants.

Location-related challenges  30%

puzzle density  60%

Team battle factor  85%

Team challenges 65%

ENMAZE Spy Academy - What else does ENMAZE offer?

Your scavenger hunt through Stuttgart starts at the Spy Academy at a location of your choice. So you can put your meeting point, for example, in the center of Stuttgart and start your basic training as a secret agent there. Also, the target point of your mission can be completely individually pre-selected and determined. Your agent mission will be guided by our intuitive software. This will guide you from task to task in the scavenger hunt and help you to solve the respective puzzles. Some elements of your mission are especially tricky and can only be solved in collaboration with the whole team. In order to successfully complete your training as a secret agent, you must also have a certain "chemistry"! Do you accept the challenge of the Spy Academy?

Intuitive software

to solve the tasks

Photos and videos

available for download afterwards

Live highscore

shows the score of the teams

Individual meeting spot

is available to choose

Individual target point

e.g. at your restaurant of choice

Individual adaptation

just ask us what is possible

Live team movements

all teams are visible on the map

Souvenir photo feature

for even more beautiful impressions

Teamchat via software

Teams can chat with each other

Request ENMAZE Spy Academy now with no obligations

If you would like more information about the ENMAZE Spy Academy city rally in Stuttgart, please fill in the following contact form. You will then receive an e-mail with further information about the costs, sample tasks and information about the organizational process. Of course, you can also ask other individual questions, which we will then also answer you. We look forward to receiving your request and hope to be part of your event in Stuttgart.