Bachelor Party in Stuttgart - You want to challenge the groom properly?

At the ENMAZE "Beat the Bachelor" tour you have the opportunity to give the groom a lot of challenges during your bachelor party in Stuttgart. This concept is based on the popular German game show "Schlag-den-Raab" where you compete in different games - in this version each time another member of your group challenges the "Bachelor" in the center of Stuttgart. The diversified challenges are controlled and explained via an iPad. Let's see who will be ahead after 3 to 4 hours?!

30 different battle challenges

different variants: 1 vs 1, 1 vs team or team battles

Gadgets on the tour

funny utensils for the individual challenges

Shortcut Beat the Bachelor 1

At your bachelor party in Stuttgart you don't want to neglect the alcohol?

The "Beat the Bachelor" Tour is the most acommodated bachelor party offer since the invention of the beer bottle! That's why we thought of your "beer thirst" and built regular stops to replenish your stock. If you are looking for an exciting program for the afternoon at your bachelor party in Stuttgart and want to get into a party mood, then this tour offers everything you need. So your mission "Bachelor party Stuttgart" can begin!

regular beer stops planned

no dragging, the next pit stop is definitely coming

full flexibility over time and team size

plays as long and with as many people as you want

Bachelor Party Stuttgart - What else ENMAZE offers you

If a bachelor party is celebrated, then the right way! With the "Beat the Bachelor" Tour, your bachelor party in Stuttgart will be an unforgettable event. Of course, the groom plays for free! We also provide a bottle of beer for each person, so that your tour through Stuttgart starts the right way. You will get all photos and videos for download after your tour. Do you have questions in advance? Then do not hesitate and send us these! We are happy to answer you and tell you in detail what is important when planning your bachelor party in Stuttgart!

Groom for free

won't be included in the price

Start drink inclusive

one bottle of beer per person

Photos & videos

available to download afterwards

Right in the center

only a 5 minute walk to the center

Public transport

14 lines in the immediate vicinity

Years of experience

we are happy to help

Ask now for the "Beat the Bachelor" tour without obligation

If you want more information about the "Beat the Bachelor" Tour in Stuttgart, then please fill out the following contact form. You will receive an email with further information about the costs, sample tasks and information about the organizational process. Of course you can also ask individual questions, which we will answer you immediately. We look forward to your request and hope to be part of your bachelor party in Stuttgart!